Deming Learning Network

The Deming Learning Network, DLN, is a registered charity in Scotland, and is run entirely by volunteers.  It grew from a small group of people who met in Aberdeen under the guidance of David Kerridge (1931-2013), then Professor of Statistics at Aberdeen University. Back in the early 1990s he introduced us to the ideas of W. Edwards Deming and his System of Profound Knowledge, SoPK.  This was our introduction to the possibility of a unified, systems approach to management.  For an explanation follow this link to the page Deming's SOPK.


Since those early days we have continued to meet in Aberdeen, mainly due to the energy and commitment of Gordon Hall.  We have organized regular open-to-the-public evening seminars using speakers who have given their time free of charge.  The range of topics covered has spread beyond the teaching of Deming, but the network has retained its original name.  More recently, after the retirement of Gordon Hall, we have been running discussion evenings on topics such as: 'Achieving Organisational Change', 'Joy and Creativity at Work', and 'Trust in Organisational Life'.