Our events to bring together the knowledge, skills and energy which is scattered throughout our communities, civic groups, voluntary sector, public services, commercial organisations, clubs and societies, schools, colleges and universities.  Events use inclusive and empowering processes such as Open Space and aim to provide an opportunity for the respectful exploration of topics of concern and importance to the public.

Upcoming events

We are currently planning online events in support of the community engagement and empowerment. 

Previous events

"Aberdeen: a place where all people can prosper." 

How can we make our best contribution? 

In May 2021 we ran a ‘micro-Open Space’ online using Qiqochat. In an hour and a half, with a handful of people, the spirit of Open Space was present.

We spoke about ways for groups and individuals to be involved more meaningfully in the running of our City.

There are concerns about St Fittick’s Park and a wider ‘Just Energy Transition’. 

Can we imagine everyone - citizens young and old, businesses, developers, councillors and council officers, community groups, schools - everyone, working together to make Aberdeen a place where all people can prosper?

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Building healthy caring communities

The fourth in our series of empowering Open Space meetings focussed on care in the community, whether that is medical care or personal care.  It asked who will do the caring in the future, and what is the role of local communities.  Meeting held in November 2019.

Communities, green space and sustainable food

The third in our series of community-bridging Open Space meetings.  This brought together a wide range of individuals interested and involved in reclaiming waste ground for community orchards, community parks and gardens.  Also on issues surrounding the sustainable provision of (local) food in the future.  Meeting held in June 2019

Report: Communities, Green Space and Sustainable Food meeting report (PDF)

Circular Economy and the problems of waste

This focussed on how local organisations and communities can cooperate in minimising waste, especially plastic waste.  How to develop a circular economy where nothing is discarded, but everything left over from making one product, becomes the input to manufacturing another product.  Meeting held in December 2018

Civic leadership 

How can citizens engage with local government, local businesses, third sector organisations as well as charities and local communities who share our concern not only for the well-being of Aberdeen city and citizens, but also for the future of our planet.  Meeting held in January 2018

Want to join the conversation now?

We have an online forum where you can join the discussion and connect with people about these themes.

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