We want to bring people from our communities together to talk about important topics for Aberdeen.  Discussions online and at our events focus on how to tackle these issues and what help and opportunities are available.  We want people to come together and start their own groups and initiatives to take their ideas forward.

Our online forum aims to help everyone continue this dialogue and find new topics.  Using our forum you can:

  • join the conversations about our current topics
  • find other people with shared interests
  • swap ideas
  • suggest new topics
  • poll other forum users for their opinions
  • make a request for a public survey to be hosted on this site

Getting started

Joining the forum is free, you can register and set up your profile to take part in conversations or read the forum without registering.

Forum rules

We have posted rules for the forum which tell you how the foum will be moderated and how to make a complaint.


If you experience any technical problems on the forum, or have any other questions or comments, please contact and we will respond to you as quickly as we can.